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    Digital creative services

    For a specialized industry, we span some broad territory. Our services range from web, mobile and interactive design to WordPress and Drupal development; UI consulting; content development; documentation; and print design and pre-press—but what we really specialize in is bringing your info to life and extending your brand consistently across very diverse media.

    Let's build something beautiful together.

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    Who we are

    Spinster Design is a small shop of interactive designers, developers and consultants with a strong background in information and environmental agency work. Based in Portland, Oregon, we have a passion for what we do and a commitment to high standards. We're woman-owned and spinster-run.

    Affinity for cats: optional (honest).

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    Beautiful upgrades

    Devra is a pleasure to work with and made some beautiful upgrades on my website, letting me know of other...

    Amy Eilberg

    They’re the best!

    Aesthetically sophisticated, technologically current and interpersonally available and collaborative. They're the best!

    Sandra Butler

    Excellent Service!

    Excellent Service!

    Crescent Management

    I will never work with another website designer…

    When I met with Spinster Design to discuss my website, I was clearly lost. They helped sort it all out...

    Jane Cowan Sullivan

    Spinster Design consistently delivers

    For over a decade, my team at the Great Lakes Commission depended on Spinster Design's creative content management and design...

    Christine Manninen, Communications Director